Gabriella’s primary medium is painting, but she also specialises in assembled sculptures, installations, multimedia artwork, both as stand-alone pieces and as sustainable crypto art.

Van Landeghemstraat 86 B-9100 SINT-NIKLAAS Belgium
+32 477 280 562

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2021 The New Beginning

Designs that provide meaning to the Experience Space, such as “Schwung,” which is based on bonding in an old industrial building and indicates movement in a plain, rectangular, and unattractive building.

In addition, I bring the message from outside: WELCOME. The open arms of the pictorial figure and the dancing lines of joy on the building show that there is certainly something to experience. The color is limited to white, red and blue.

The swirling of the dance of joy suggests the enthusiasm that invades the viewer.

The second design is more complex, happier uses the same starting point but incorporates more pictograms of the sun and fragments of blue sky and a figure. The movements are staccato, the colours are cheerful.

The central theme is: WATCH. What will I see?

Hence in the middle, the big eye.


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